The City of Kurgan Russia

Kurgan city is the  53rd largest city in terms of the population

The city is the administrative center of Kurgan Oblast. This city has the population of 333,606 people. Total area of the city is 393 km 2.

This city is nearly 1306 miles distant from  Moscow city.

History of Kurgan

City was founded in 1662. City was founded in an era when urbanization was started in Russia during 17th century. Different warriors occupied different places and started to develop the cities. Now, this city is quite advanced and two railways systems are present in the country.

Climate of Kurgan

Winters in the city are chill. Temperature of the city is around -11 ◦C in winters. In summers the temperature rises to the average of around 23 ◦C.

Educational Institutes of Kurgan 

The city has many known educational centers. Major educational institutes include Kurgan State UniversityInternational University and Railroad Academy.

Economy of Kurgan

The economy of the city is dependent on the oil and gas reserves. The city has large oil and gas pipelines passing through it. Ural Siberian refineries are also close to the region. The oil and gas bearing districts of Tyumen Oblast is also close to the region.

Places to Visit in city

Aviation Museum, Regional Museum of Local Lore and Central Park of Culture and Recreation area are among the good tourist spots of the city.

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The City of Kurgan

The City of Kurgan


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