The City of Murmansk

More than 40% trading is made from the Port of Murmansk City of  Russia

It is the administrative city of Murmansk Oblast. The city is located in northwest side of Russia, near the border of Norway and Finland.Total area of the city is 154.4 km2. This city has a population of 307,257 people. It is the 61st largest city of Russia, in terms of its population.

This city is about 1160 miles away from the Russian capital, Moscow .

History of Murmansk

City was founded in 1916.  City serves as a port that lies with Barents Sea near Kola Bay. Russians used to supply weapons through its port at the time of WWII. Construction of railway system started here during WWI.

Climate of Murmansk

This is  one  of the coldest city Russia, and the region faces severe cold in winters. Temperature of the city drops even to -40◦C in winters. Summers are short-lived where average temperature rises to around 17 ◦C.

Educational Institutes of  Murmansk

Many colleges and universities are present in the city. Murmansk State Technical University, Institute of Humanities and State Pedagogical University are the important ones.

Economy of  Murmansk

This city is famous because of the naval base of Severomorsk and commercial importance. Fishing, Seafood processing and packages, metal works specially ship repairing sector are the main industries are here and this city plays very vital role in Russian economy.

The ice-free port of city accounts for more than 41% of sea transportation of Russia!

Places to Visit in City

The city has various interesting and wonderful places such as Lenin Nuclear Icebreaker, Alyosha Monument, Church of Savior on Water and Regional Museum of Local Lore are the major tourist attractions of the city.

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The Port of Murmansk

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