The City of Orsk Russia

Orsk is the city lying on the tip of Urals in Russia

Orsk is the second largest city of  Orenburg Oblast. This city is located on the tip of Ural Mountains. This area serves as a boundary between Asia and Europe. Total population of this city is 239,800 ( Data 2010). This city is the 80th largest city of Russia by its population.

Total area of the city is 584 km 2. The city is 1100 miles away from the Russian capital, Moscow.

History of Orsk

This city was founded in 1753. It came into being during the colonization of Bashkiria (Russia). Fortress was also constructed in the city. The area is fertile for cultivation. Trading was started in the early era to take advantage of rich soil.

This city was also famous for the weaving business.

Climate of Orsk

Average temperature of the city is around -15 ◦C in the months of January. Average temperature rises to about  29 to 30 ◦C in the peak June and July summers.

Educational Institutes of Orsk

This city is advanced in terms of education as well. Orsk Institute of Humanities and Technology (branch of Orenburg State University) and Orenburg State Institute of Management (OSIM) are the prominent educational centers of the city.

Economy of Orsk

The economy of the city is  petroleum, metallurgy, machine building and food industries.

Places to Visit in city

Few tourist attractions are present in the city such as Orsk Museum of History and Local Lore and city Railway Station most importantly.

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The City of Orsk

The City of Orsk

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