The City of Oryol Russia

Oryol city is located in the south-southwest side of Moscow

City is the administrative center of Oryol Oblast. . Total area of the city is 127.8 km2 . It has a population of 317,747 people.

It is the 57th largest city in terms of population. City is located near Oka River. It is nearly 226 miles distant from Moscow city.

History of Oryol

The city was officially founded in 1566. The old city fortress was built in early 12th century. By 15th century, people started to move here. Soon, it became one of the important grain producing city of Russia.

Climate of Oryol

This city has temperate climatic conditions. The summers become as hot as the peak temperature reaches to 40 C in the month of July. And even reaches to -38C in the peak winter season of December and January.

Educational Institutes of Oryol

Oryol State University and Orel State Technical University are the main educational institutes of the city.

Economy of Oryol

Machine and metal industry is the backbone of economy of this city. The area is also known for its productions of different agricultural products like wheat, oats , potatoes, barleys and many other grains. It is among the largest milk producing cities of Russia.

Tourism in Oryol

The city will amaze you with lot of its catchy sights. Place like Catherine's Cathedral, Orlik River, Duchy Park , Turgenev State Memorial and Nature Museum Preserve are very famous among the tourists.

City is famous because of its beautiful buildings, city structure and old churches.

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Iconic Eagle Sculpture in Privokzalnaya Square , Oryol

Iconic Eagle Sculpture in Privokzalnaya Square , Oryol


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