The City of Podolsk Russia

The City of Podolsk is an Industrial and Cultural Center in Moscow Oblast of Russia

Podolsk is a small city of Moscow Oblast. The city has the status of an administrative center of Podolsky District. It lies on the Pakhra River. The population of this city  is nearly 190,000 people. It is 97th largest by population in Russia. With the area of just 40 Km sq. The city is known as an industrial and cultural center.

This city is just 25  miles distant from  Moscow city.

History of  Podolsk

This city was founded in 1791. The French troops occupied the city in 1812. The building of the city was promoted by the construction of State Warsaw highway. In 1866, the Moscow Kursk railway was activated for the public. Now the city is known as the biggest cultural center.

Climate of Podolsk

The climate of the city is temperate and warm. Greater rates of rainfall are seen throughout the year in this city. The average annual temperature stays around 5◦C.

Educational Institutes of Podolsk

The city is high tech science based center. The most prominent is Podolsk Agro-Technical Academy. The main theme of the educational institute is to promote nuclear research and technical research.

Economy of Podolsk

Being the part of Moscow Oblast, the city has good economic prospects.Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defence is located in the city.This has made this city an important official region for government of Russia.

Places to Visit in Podolsk

Architectural and Sculpture Ensemble, Sobornaya Square, Trinity (Troitsky) Cathedral, Resurrection Church in Krasnaya street, Ivanovskoye are the famous places to visit in the city.

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Night View in the City of Podolsk, Podolsk

Night View in the City of Podolsk


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