The City of Prokopyevsk Russia

City of Prokopyevsk is a coal enriched center in Russia

This is a city in Kemerovo Oblast. It is situated on the Aba River. Total population of city is 210,130. It stands at the 88th position among largest populated cities of Russia.

The city is famous for its best coal in Kuzbass. This city is nearly 2398 miles distant from  Moscow city.

History of Prokopyevsky 

The city was founded from the old  villages of Monastyrskoye and Prokopyevskoye in 1918. The status of town was granted to it in 1931.

Education in Prokopyevsky 

Local Campuses of Kemerovo State Technical University, Siberian State Industrial University and Kusbass State Technical University are the famous ones.

Climate of Prokopyevsky 

The average temperature of city in winters is -11oC. The summers are warm here and temperature reaches up to 25oC in the month of June and July.

Economy of Prokopyevsky 

The economy of the region is highly dependent on coal mining. Extraction of coking coal from the coal enriching plant is the main industry of the region.

Places to Visit in Prokopyevsky 

The city has some amazing places to visit. Cathedral of the Navity of John the Baptist, Mahalia Ramadan Mosque, Prokopyevsk Town Museum of Local Lore, Prokopyevsk City Museum of Local Core and Roman Catholic Church are the famous ones.

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City of Prokopyevsk

City of Prokopyevsk


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