The City of Severodvinsk Russia

The City of Severodvinsk is having largest shipping yards in Russia

This is a Russian city in the north of Arkhangelsk Oblast. The population of this city is nearly 200,000. It is the 95th largest of Russia by its population.  The distance between Moscow city and Severodvinsk is about 790 miles.

The city is known for the manufacture and repair of military and submarine ships.

History of Severodvinsk

It was founded in 1936. Vikings discovered the banks of Severnaya Dvina, the most important river in Russia. The ruins of Nikolo Korelski were discovered here in 1936. The Komsomol members are among the first builders of Severodvinsk. Now the city is mainly known for its defense based industry.

Climate of Severodvinsk

The city has warm and cold climates. In the colder winters, the temperature drops to more than -16◦C . In summers, the temperature is as high as 22◦C.

Educational Institutes of Severodvinsk

Mikhail Lomonosov Pomor State University and Local Campuses of St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University, International Institute of Management, Moscow Modern Humanitarian Academy are the main educational institutes of the city.

Economy of Severodvinsk

Repair and manufacturing industries of submarines and military ships are the major industries of the city.

The city has been known to have Russia’s largest shipbuilding yards for larger ships.

Places to Visit in Severodvinsk

Sevmashpredpriyatiye Museum, Park of Culture and Leisure and Town Drama Theater are the famous places to visit in the city.

The monument of famous scientist Mikhail Lomonosov is a must be seen place of the city.

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The City of Severodvinsk Russia


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