The City of Smolensk, Russia

Smolensk is the 54th largest city in terms of its population

The city is the administrative center of Smolensk Oblast in Russia. Total population of this city is 326,861. Total area of the city is 166.35 km2. It is located near the Dnieper River of Russia.

This city is nearly 250 miles distant from Moscow city.

The city is famous because of its remarkable history of wartime. It is known as the Diamond Capital of Russia because of its local diamond cutting industries.

History of Smolensk

This city was founded in 863.  It plays an important role in the history of Russia. City was invaded and destroyed in the era of Napoleon and Hitler.

Climate of Smolensk

The region has warm climatic conditions. Temperature of the city drops to the average of around -3.8 ◦C in the winter seasons.  And stays to the average of nearly 22 to 25 ◦C in summers.

Educational Institutes of Smolensk

City is advanced in terms of educational institutes. Smolensk State Medical Academy and State University are the best universities of the city.

Economy of Smolensk

The economy of the city depends largely on the local industries of electronic products, food processing units, fertilizers and chemicals productions , aircraft manufacturing and textile industry mainly.

The city is known in the country for its diamonds cutting and polishing industry.

Places to Visit in Smolensk

Smolensk Fortress, Cathedral of the Assumption (Uspensky Sobor), Roman Catholic Church are the worth visiting places of the city.

It is an old city of Russia with many memorials from the war times.

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The view of Assumption Cathedral in Smolensk, Russia


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