The City of Stary Oskol Russia

Stary Oskol is an Industrial center in Belgorod Oblast of Russia

Stary Oskol is a city in Belgorod Oblast of Russia. The city lies beside the Oskol River.The inhabitants of the city are nearly 221,085 in number (census of 2010). The city is ranked at 84th position based on its population.

This city is nearly 395 miles distant from  Moscow city.

History of Stary Oskol

The city was established as a fortress wall around the Moscow in 1593. During 17th century it faced a declined era when Crimean Tatars and Ukrainian Cossacks fired the town. In 1919, the city again became the victim of Russian Civil War as well as World War II.

After World War II, industrialization begun to grow in the city and eventually leads to the increase in population.

Climate of Stary Oskol

The city has mild climatic conditions. Average temperature of city is -4 ◦C in the peak winters of January  and 27 ◦C in hot summer of June.

Education in Stary Oskol

The city is a home of medical schools, geological college and one of the oldest kid’s music school of Russia.

Economy of Stary Oskol

After World War II, industrialization begun to grow in the city. The local industries are now the backbone of economy. The city has a large cement plant, major center of iron ore mining, machinery and food industries.

Tourist Attractions in Stary Oskol

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Church, St.Trinity Church, Stary Oskol Museum of local study, Stary Oskol Art Museum, Vasily Yeroshenko Literary Museum and Church of Ascension are the famous places to visit here.

It is famous for both a cultural Russian’s province and dominant developed industrial centre.

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The City of Stary Oskol - Russia

The City of Stary Oskol - Russia


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