The City of Sterlitamak Russia

Famous Beer and Vodka Producing City of  Sterlitamak in Russia

It is the second largest city of Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia. The city is located on the left bank of Belaya River. The name of the city is from the Bashkir Language. It means “Mouth of River Sterlya”.

The city has the total population of 273,486 as per the population census of 2010. It is ranked as the 66th city of highest population.

The city has the biggest railway system and is connected to Ufa and Orenburg. It is considered as an independent city of republic significance Sterlitamak.

This city is nearly 745  miles distant from Moscow city.

History of Sterlitamak

The city was founded in 1766. It was used as a port for the distribution of salt. City was given the town status in 1781. The city experienced quick industrial growth in 19th century. People established their brewing, vodka and leather industries.

Climate of Sterlitamak

The city has subtropical climate. The winters are cold here with an average temperature of - 16 degrees and summers are warm with an average temperature of 25 degrees.

Educational Institutes of Sterlitamak

Ufa State Oil Technical Universities, Bashkir State University, Ural State University of Physical Culture are among the famous universities of this region.

Economy of Sterlitamak

The city has great industrial importance. It has one of the biggest chemical engineering and mechanical engineering industry of Russia. The  city has special plants for beer and vodka production and it is very famous around the world and city playing very key role in Russian economy.

Tourist Attraction in Sterlitamak

Vast landscapes are the eye-catching beauty of the city. The famous tourist’s places are city Administration building, Russian Drama Theater and Tog station.

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The City of Sterlitamak

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