The City of Surgut

Surgut is the city of longest single tower cable bridge of Russia

This city is an important city in Khanty Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The City is located on Ob Rivera and  Irtysh River. Total population of this city is 306,675 people.  It is the 62nd  largest city of Russia  in terms of its population. ( Data 2010). Expanded to the total area of  219 km 2.

This city is nearly 1900 miles distant from Moscow city. Surgut Bridge is known as the longest single tower cable bridge in the world.

History of Surgut 

It is an old city in Siberia. This city was founded in 1594. Urbanization was started in the city in  20th century when it became the center for producing oil and gas.

Climate of Surgut 

The city has adopted the coldest Siberian climate with the record lowest temperature of -55C in peak winters. July comes with the bright sunny days with an average temperature of  about 20-22C  .

Educational Institute of Surgut 

Surgut State University is the main higher education center of the city.

Economy of Surgut 

This city is famous because of the advanced industries and technological developments. Many oil and gas-producing companies are present in the city. It has major Gas and Oil resources  and plays a vital role in country economy as well as give employment to many people, The city is also known as the "Oil Extracting Capital of Russia"

Places to Visit

City has countless historical and interesting places which attract the tourist from all around the world such as Transfiguration Church, Ice Palace, Old Historical and Cultural Center, Sayma Park are the famous  attractions of the city. The city is known for its unique traditions like “Happy Bear Corner.”

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The City of Surgut

The City of Surgut


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