The City of Syktyvkar Russia

Syktyvkar is a center of Arts and literature in Russia

Syktyvkar is the capital of Komi Republic of Russia. The city lies with the River Sysola.  This city has a population of 235,006 people (Data 2010). It is the 81st largest city of Russia by population. Total area of the city is 152 km2.

This city is nearly 820 miles distant from Moscow city.

This city is famous for art & literature work and famous for the forestry industry. 

History of Syktyvkar 

Its and old historical city, founded in 16th century. Ust Sysolsk is the old name of the city. Komi people were in minority at that time. They had a great influence of other ethnic Russians. People of the city adopted the profession of farming, fishing and trading. And the city started to develop. Today, this city is quite advanced in forestry products supply.

Climate of Syktyvkar 

The city has extreme climatic conditions. Winters are very long and cold with the lowest recorded temperature of around -46◦C in the months of December and January. Summer season is also very temperate. Temperature increases to about  35 ◦C in that time.

Educational Institutes of Syktyvkar 

Syktyvkar State University is the main university of the city.

Economy of Syktyvkar 

This city is an industrial  and business center of the Republic of Komi.  There are about 40 main industrial units working in the city. Majority of the productions are from wood working, pulp and paper industries, this city play vital role in Russian economy 

Places to Visit

The Cathedral, National Museum of the Komi Republic , Diakonov Museum of Literature and Theater, State Savin Theater of Academic Drama are some of amazing  places to visit in the city.

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The City of Syktyvkar

The City of Syktyvkar

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