The City of Taganrog Russia

The City of Taganrog was the first Naval Base of Russia

City is a known port city in Rostov Oblast in Russia. It is located on the north shore of Taganrog Bay. Don River is on the west of the city. The city has a total population of 257,681 (census of 2010). It is ranked as 72nd largest populated city of Russia.

This city is about 708 miles away from the capital, Moscow .

History of Taganrog 

Its history is connected to the early Iron Age. It is the first Greek settlement in the Black Sea Region. Peter the Great founded first Navy Base in City. This fleet is the first Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Taganrog has important commercial port. In 20th century it was used for import and export of grain. A boiler factory, steel factory and iron foundry were founded together by Belgium and Germans in 1911. The city was captured by Germans in 1918. The city faced major damage between World War II.

Climate of Taganrog 

City has a temperate climate. Summers are warmer with temperature rising up to 28 degrees and winters are milder with average temperature of 16 degrees.

Educational Institutes of Taganrog 

Taganrog College of Technologies, State Pedagogical Institute and College of Management and Economy  of Taganrog are among the famous universities.

Economy of Taganrog 

The city has great economical importance, due to being the industrial center of Rostov Oblast. It has the biggest metallurgical plant and aircraft building plants.

Hyundai auto manufacturing unit is also working here. The local port is used for trading with Italy, South Korea, Turkey, Egypt and other neighbors.

Places to Visit in Taganrog 

The main tourists attractions are Primorskiy Park, Chekov Monument,  Chekov Drama Theater and Birth house of Faina Ranevskaya.

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The City of Taganrog was the first Naval Base of Russia



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