The City of Veliky Novgorod Russia

The City of Veliky Novgorod is a UNESCO World's Heritage site of Russia

It is one of the most ancient, historic and important city of Russia. Sometimes called as Veliky Novgorod or just Novgorod. It is the administrative hub of Novgorod Oblast. It is primarily on the M10 federal highway which connects the Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The number of inhabitants in city is 218,717 recorded in 2010 census. The land area is composed of 90.08km2, . It is the 85th largest city of Russia, by population.

This city is nearly 330 miles distant from Moscow city.

History of Veliky Novgorod 

It is among the oldest cities of modern-day Russia. It was founded in the late 10th century by Prince Rurik.

Novgorod was acknowledged as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992.

Climate of Veliky Novgorod 

Its a cold region by climate. The average temperature of the city in hot season is 13oC while in cold season -5 oC is usually recorded.

Educational Institutes of  Veliky Novgorod 

Novgorod State University is the main higher education institute of the region.

Economy of Veliky Novgorod 

Metallurgy, Machine Building and the Chemical Industry are the major economy players of this city.

Tourist Attractions of  Veliky Novgorod 

Novgorod is famous for its astonishing monuments and primitive churches. More than 50 churches and monasteries are the heritage of ancient city.

Famous tourist attractions of the cities are Novgorod Kremlin (Detinets), Vitoslavitsy Museum of Folk Wooden Architecture, St. Sophia Cathedral, Millennium of Russia, Museum of History and Art and Cathedral of the Virgin of the Sign (Znamensky).

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The city of Veliky Novgorod

The city of Veliky Novgorod


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