The City of Vologda Russia

The City of Vologda is famous for its textile makings in Russia

The City is an administrative hub of Vologda Oblast in Russia. It's a famous city because of its cultural and scientific importance in the region. It lies near  the Vologda River. The total population of city is 301,755.  It is ranked at 63rd place on the basis of its population. It's a small city with an area of about 116 km2

The city is famous for the unique taste of its butter and textile productions.

This city is about  miles away from the capital, Moscow .

History of Vologda 

The city was founded in the earlier twelfth century  in  1147. This city was the major trade center in the era of Ivan the terrible.  Also served as a military base in the time of Peter the Great.

Climate of Vologda 

The climate of city is humid. Winter lasts for five months with an average temperature -10°C. Summer is balmy with frequent rains and average temperature is 25 °C in this time.

Economy of Vologda 

Machine buildings , Food processing and Textile are the main industries of the region. This place is known for its best bread, butter and sausages taste in Russia.

The fancy laces of this city are among the top quality selections in fashion world!

Educational Institutes of Vologda 

City has many technical, business and medical schools. Vologda Institute of Business,  State Technical University and State Pedagogical University  are the prominent ones among all .

Places to Visit in Vologda 

The famous tourist attractions are Kremlin, Peter the Great's house museum, Museum of Architecture and Ethnography, Puppet Theater "Teremok", Chamber theater, St Sophia cathedral, Letter 'O' Monument.

Monuments of wooden architecture and churches are the icons for this city!

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The Cty of Vologda

The Cty of Vologda


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