The City of Yoshkar Ola Russia

The Red City of Yoshkar Ola of Mari El Republic in Russia

Yoshkar Ola is the capital of Mari El Republic in Russia. The city is located on Malaya Kokshaga River.The calculated population is 248,782 (Census data of 2010). It is ranked as 74th largest city of Russia by population.

This city is nearly 465  miles distant from  Moscow city.

History of Yoshkar Ola

The city was first established as an army fortress in 1584. It was the conquest of Mari region. "Yoshkar Ola" means "Red City" in Mari. Tsaryovokokshaysk was the old name of this city, City has very rich history and amazing culture.

Climate of Yoshkar Ola

City  has temperate continental climate. The winters are longer and colder. The temperature falls to -30 degrees and the summers are warmer and are shorter. The temperature rises up to 35 degrees.

Educational Institutes of Yoshkar Ola

Mari State University and Volga State University of Technology are the famous universities of this city.

Economy of Yoshkar Ola

The city became the industrial center after World War II. Machine buildings, timber and wood working and food processing industries are mainly working in this city. The economy is supported by the shuttle traders and still playing  a significant role in Russian economy.

Places to Visit in City

The famous tourist attractions of the city are National Art Gallery, City Hall, Flower Style Lantern in Obolensky Nogotkov Square and Monument to Tsar Cannon in the National Art Gallery.

The city is facilitated with vast transportation system and is hub for the business travel.

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Te City of Yoshkar-Ola

Te City of Yoshkar-Ola


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