Travel Tips to Visit Russia

Travel Tips for Tourists Want To Visit Russia

Planning to explore Russia from scratch, after landing there ….. Believe me this is NOT really a GOOD IDEA! Tourists are always spotted among local community. Some locals try to make use of them  by misleading and overcharging. So, it is always better to know a bit about the people and collect some travel tips for these places, before actually visiting them.

We are here to guide you all on that. Write down these most useful travel tips to Russia in your daily book .....

Before coming to Russia

When you are preparing for your trip to Russia, take care of the these things:

  • Study your visa policies well before entering in Russia. Knowing about legal stuff is the most important thing in foreign country.
  • Learn common Russian language phrases while you are preparing for your travel. Russian don't know English at all (other than few officials who would search you on airport)
  • Book your flights a little earlier. You will get good discounts on that.
  • Make hotel reservations and get your Russian visa invitation letter from them.
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Firework on Moskva river in Moscow, Russia

Packing your stuff for Russia

Here are some most important travel tips, to pack your things for Russia:

  • Russian winters are very cold. So pack your things so, especially if you are from warm region.
  • Buy yourself a nice pair of shoes, does not mean aesthetically, you need the most comfortable one!
  • We bet that you would be shopping a lot in Russia. So keep your stuff light weight.
  • Take special care of yourself. We don't want you to be sick on these special Russian vacations. Just as a precaution, pack up some of antibiotics, pain killers in your stuff.
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The view of beautiful Altai Mountain in Russia

After Coming to Russia

  • Tourist registration is the most important travel tip that you should remember after coming to Russia . Its in Russian laws that you need to register yourself after arriving in their country. Registration should be done in first 7 working days.
  • Russian currency is Rubbles. Exchange yours to theirs.
St Petersburg cathedral, Russia, travel tips

St Petersburg cathedral, Russia

While moving around in Russian cities

Always keep in mind these travel tips,  when you are moving around in Russia:

  • Keep a local map with you or we suggest you to make good use of Google Apps to almost explore the region.
  • Plan your daily travel schedule. Try to negotiate taxi fare for the places you are going . Sometimes, taxi drivers charge you unfair as a tourist.
  • Locate the food markets, general grocery stores and local doctor in the area you are staying.
  • Water quality varies from place to place. Nestle is your savior in this case.  So don't use the tap water in Russia. Keep your pet water bottle always with you.
  • List down some of the most common routes of public transport, bus stops and railway stations. You can also ask your Russian friends for the ticket prices.
  • Keep your passport with you when you are out in the Russian cities. Also save their Xerox and scanned copies back at your home and hotel.

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