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Year found: 1930

Legal form: State

City: Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications


SUT – Saint Petersburg Russia

Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications located in St Petersburg, Russia. The university is serving in the field of information and telecommunications, defense, science, politics competent experts for almost 85 years.

Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications is the oldest institute in the field of training for the communications industry and telecommunications. Study master in IT in Russia at SPbSUT. SUT has collaborated with many international telecommunication companies.

SPBSUT train 9500 students annually and 96% of the students are employed in the leading enterprises of communication and information technologies.

  • Highest employment rate in technical sector.
  • Collaboration with international telecommunication companies. 
  • Scholarship opportunities for students.
  • High level training programs.
  • More than 35 engineering specializations available.
  • Opportunity of international academic exchange.



Program Details

Russian Language + Preparatory Course

SPBSUT is providing preparatory courses for the international students. In this course student will learn Russian language, this course is highly important for foreign students. The preparatory course is compulsory because all the programs at SPBSUT are in Russian language so to study here you need to know Russian.

Duration: 10 months

The subjects that students will learn in the duration of preparatory course are:

Sr #Program
1 Russian language (phonetics course, main course: grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, reading, listening, speaking, writing, language specialty  technical and humanitarian)
2 Mathematics
3 Physics
4 Computer science
5 History

4 year Engineering

SPBSUT is offering telecom engineering programs in Russia. Telecom Engineering at SPBSUT allows students to learn and work with latest technology. This is the best opportunity for students to learn solutions of complex engineering problems.

Duration: 4 years

Medium of Language: Russian

Sr #Programs
1Photonics and Optoinformatics
2Biotechnical Systems and Technologies
3Electronics and Nanoelectronics
4 Design and Technology of Electronic Media
5 Radio Technologies
6 Infocommunication networks and communication systems
7 Standardization and Metrology
8Automation of Technological Processes and Productions
9Informatics and computer facilities
10Information Systems and Technologies
11 Programming Engineering

2- years Masters Program

SPBSUT is offering 2 year master’s program in the field of communication and telecommunication. . Individuals will be provided with expert skills and knowledge in the respective field. Students will be opened to numerous opportunities after the completion of program.

Duration: 2 years

Medium of Language: Russian

Sr #Programs
1Design and Technology of Electronic Media
2Radio Technologies
3Infocommunication networks and communication systems
4 Standardization and Metrology
5 Automation and Management
6 Information Systems and Technologies

Masters Program in English

There are some special master’s programs that SPBSUT is offering in English language. It is for the benefit of the students who do not want to go for Russian language. The trainings at university provide student the creativity and expertise to try out something new and evolutionary.

Duration: 2 years

Sr #Programs
1Internet of Things and Self-Organization Networks
2 Information Security
3Info-communication technologies and telecommunication systems
4 Electronic Business
5 Business Informatics

Business Courses

In the today’s dynamic competitive business environment it is very important to have information related to the business strategies. This course will help students to learn tools and theories that are needed to make strategies to resolve a problem.

Duration: 2-4 years

Medium of Language: Russian

Sr #Business Courses
1Advertising and Public Relations
2Regional Studies
3Business Informatics

Application Requirements

Visa RequirementUniversity Requirements

(It is strongly recommended to visit the Russian Embassy and Consulate in your home country, for updated requirements.)

To apply for student visa for Russia, Student should provide the following documents

  1. An original and signed passport with at least one blank page, valid for 16 months after the end of your stay.
  2. A copy of the Russian visa application form. (completed and signed)
  3. Two passport-size photos, signed on the back.
  4. A letter of invitation from Russian university, which can only be issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MFA).
  5. An original HIV Certificate showing a negative result ( It is required for stays of more than 3 months in Russia)
  6. A copy of educational certificates.

Note:You must begin your training at SUT with a Preparatory course of Russian language. After completing your Preparatory Course you can continue your education on the regular courses of university according to your chosen specialty.

To apply for telecom engineering/ Russian Language Course/ Business Program in Russia , Student should provide the following documents:

  1. Copy of university degree
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Entrance examinations include competitive examinations in Physics, Mathematics and the Russian Language or in History of Russia, Mathematics and the Russian language to enter the “Jurisprudence”.
  4. University Admission Form

Note: If student approaching entrance test still have questions, the university will help them.The University offer rapid repetitions, review sessions on all the necessary topics areas of physics, mathematics, computer science and Russian language. Classes are scheduled before admission test.


Dormitories are provided to all foreign students. The cost of room is around RUB 4000 per month ( each room is usually shared with 2 to 4 students )

Accommodation in Russia, Living in Russia

Students, international students, foreigner students in Russia, student life in Russia, Gym, Fitness center

Dorm rooms

Note : This pictures are just to present an idea of accommodation to students. The actual provided accommodations may vary from the above shown models.

The statues in the Grand cascade of Peterhof Palace, The Palace of Peterhof, Places to visit in Russia

Bronze Statues in Grand Cascade of Peterhof Palace

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Saint Petersburg Church on Spilled Blood

Iconic view of Saint Petersburg Bridge Opening on Neva River

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View Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg

BMSTU, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Campus life

Student life in Russia

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Students enjoying nightlife in Russia

Nightlife in Moscow, Nightlife in Russia, Night Clubs in Moscow

The thrilling music nights in the dance bars of Moscow, Russia

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Nightlife in Russia

Tuition fee is all Russian universities increases by 10 to 20 % every year. These prices are recent an estimate for our students of 2018- 2019. These prices will vary with the USD  to Russian Rubble exchange rate.

The rate applied in below calculation is 1 USD = 56 RUB

Level of EducationENGLISH Medium (Tuition fee per year)Russian Medium (Tuition fee per year)
Preparatory/ Foundation CourseNot available$2000
Bachelors DegreesNot available$2300 to $2800
Masters / PhD Degrees$3000 to $3500$2800 to $3000