Our Objectives

Our Objectives

The major objective of RIBTTES is to bridge educational, cultural and economic differences. The company works to develop sound business  opportunities among Russian and international organizations.

At RIBTTES, we aim to

Encourage and stimulate people for pursuing higher education in Russia.

Generate new and sector-specific business opportunities in Russia.

Promote tourist activities in Russia, to help foreigners explore and understand great Russian culture and heritage.

Promote social entrepreneurship among young graduates, by providing complete business establishment consultancy and legal support.

Foster exchange of best information to our partners, about education, tourism and businesses in Russia.

Collect, evaluate and broadcast Russian government policies, updated rules and  & opportunities among its partners.

Enhance the awareness of new opportunities in Russia, across the world.

Provide high-level recommendations for local business communities for growing and expanding in international market.

Provide consultancy and effective solutions to international business communities for growing and expanding in Russian market.

Provide an appropriate platform for converting opportunities into business transactions.

Develop and promote profitable business opportunities for our valuable clients.

Analyze and develop the competitive advantages for the businesses of our valued clients in Russian market.

Promote greater interaction between our valued clients and the Russian policy regulatory domain.

Support national economic activities by sponsoring good impact of projects on entrepreneurship and competitiveness, in educational, tourism and business sectors.

Promote responsible corporate citizenship to its partners.