All about Kazan, The City of Tatars!

Kazan is the Major City of Tatars in Russia

The old, cultural and historic city of Kazan has now gain the popularity as "Third Capital of Russia"! The city is having amazing charisma for cheering its people and visitors. The city is the 8th most populated city of Russia with the population of 1,143,535. It is the capital of the Tatarstan Republic of Russia. It is the home of thousands of Muslims and Christians as the largest Tatars community.

Important Facts about Kazan


    • Kazan is also honored as the third capital of Russia.
    • It is a famous sports center in Russia. The city hosted 2013 Universiade and many national hockey, boxing and swimming championships.
    • It is also one of the hosting cities of 2018 FIFA world cup.
    • The city experiences Humid Continental Climate.
    • Summers have an average temperature of 20 degrees and winters have an average temperature of -10 degrees.
The City of Kazan

The City View

History of Kazan

    • Muslim Volga Burglars and  Tatars of Golden Horde were the founders of the city.
    • It was the trade route for the Volga region.
    • The icon of ‘Our Lady Kazan’ was founded in 1579 in this city.
    • The city was the center for building ships for Caspian Fleet.

Geography of Kazan

    • It is a European Russian city.
    • The city lies at the middle of Volga and Kazanka River.
    • It has a total area of 425.3 km2.
Amazing Night view of Kazan city

Amazing Night view of Kazan city

Administration of Kazan

    • The city is the capital of Republic of Tatarstan.
    • The city has the municipal status of Kazan Urban Okrug.
    • The city is divided into seven districts.

City Structures

    • Kazan international airport lies 26 km from the city center.
    • The city is connected to  Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Yoshkar-Ola and Yekaterinburg by the railway line.
    • Pneumocushion boats are used in winters for crossing the Volga River.
    • The city has two main bus stations.
    • The federal highway connects to Moscow and Ufa.
The Kazan Kremlin

The Kazan Kremlin

Economy of Kazan

    • The city is one of the largest industrial and financial centers of Russia.
    • The city stands on the third position for total backings in Russia.
    • Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Mechanical works, Wheat and flour processing are the main industries here.

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Tourism in Kazan

    • Kazan is famous for the eye-catching sites in the city. It's the cultural center of Tatars in the world.
    • Kazan Kremlin is in the list of World Heritage site of UNESCO.
    • Kul Sharif Mosque, Roman Catholic Church, Temple of All religions, White Stone Catheredral of Annunciation, Baumana Fountain, and Fountain in Kremlin and Millennium Park Fountain are the top tourist attractions of the city.
About Russia, Kazan, Visit to Russia

The Temple of all religions.

Education in Kazan

This city is known for high quality education system.

  • Kazan Federal University, State Medical University,  State Technological University and Russian Islamic University are the top rated universities of this city.
  • Tatarstan Academy of Sciences is the main scientific center of city.

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  1. Hi Natalia, I will be staying in Kazan for 5 days during the World Cup. Do you know if there are any places to visit around Kazan (day trips)? Thanks! David
    • Natalia
      Hello David,Kul Sharif Mosque, Roman Catholic Church, Temple of All religions, White Stone Catheredral of Annunciation, Baumana Fountain, and Fountain in Kremlin and Millennium Park Fountain are the top tourist attractions of the city.We wish you a happy stay in Kazan :)
      • Hi Natalia, thank you so much for getting back to me! What about other cities around Kazan, do you know if there are any other attractions outside of the town?
        • Natalia
          Dear David ,Let us know when you are arriving and your plans? We can check for custom services and guides for you .As you asked, In Kazan there are lot of good attractions surrounding countryside and the region’s immense cultural heritage becomes very clear. If you’re looking for a change of pace away from the city hubbub, and step into a wealth of Tatar culture and an ancient land just out of the mighty Kazan. Some of them are follows: Raifa Monastery About 30 km (19 miles) out of Kazan is the Raifa Monastery, situated in the Volga-Kama Reserve – a dreamy UNESCO protected nature sanctuary found at the conflux of the Volga, Kama and Myosha Rivers. Sviyazhsk Island Head to Sviyazhsk Island for a feel of Tatars tan’s beautiful remoteness, The island, despite being connected to the mainland, lies in the juncture of the Volga and Sviyage Rivers and feels further than the 60 km (38 miles) it actually is from Kazan. Yelabuga This spot is a quaint old merchant town 210 km (130 miles) away from Kazan on the banks of the Kama River. Its lack of a train station has meant the city has retained a lot of its yesteryear charm. Bolghar The region’s ancient capital and of great significant Tatar cultural importance, Bolghar, about 130 km (81 miles) out of Kazan along the Volga, is now home to several World Heritage sights. As the intermittent capital of of Volga-Bulgaria between the 8th and 15th centuries, We look forward to know more about your arrival plans, Regards Natalia
          • Wow this is great info! Ill make sure to check those places out. My wife and I dont have the definitive dates yet, but Ill make sure to send you an update once we have, so you can help me find a guide. Again, thank you very much!
          • Natalia
            Dear David,We will be happy to guide you more, you can reach me at [email protected] We wish you a very happy time in Russia :)Regards, Natalia

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